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Prophet Muhammad: M&G Issue Apology and Zapiro Responds with Cartoon Panel

Don't Mess with the President's HeadThe cartoon of Prophet Muhammad which landed Zapiro and Mail & Guardian editor, Nic Dawes, in the Johannesburg High Court just after midnight on 21 May has been the subject of much discussion since. Although the order to prevent further distribution of the newspaper, brought before the court by Jamiatul Ulama was refused, the M&G has issued an apology nonetheless, Nic Dawes has written a complete report on the incident, and Zapiro has responded with a full cartoon panel:

The M&G communicated to the meeting its regret for the harm caused by the publication of the cartoon, and apologises for the effects thereof. The newspaper in no way intended to cause injury, or to associate itself with Islamophobia, which it repudiates in the strongest possible terms.

We have learned an enormous amount since the publication of the cartoon about the depth of reverence in which Muslims hold the prophet. We invite community leaders and ordinary readers to communicate their devotion in our pages, as some have already begun to do.

Special Report from Nic Dawes

I have been asked repeatedly, and often angrily, over the past week “Why did you do it? Why run a cartoon that you knew would cause such profound anger, and just ahead of the World Cup at that”.

The short answer is I did not expect the reaction to be so intense. Chalk it up to naivety, if you like, but when I first saw the cartoon, around 3pm on the Thursday before publication, I thought “this will ruffle a few feathers”, not “this will ignite a firestorm”.

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    Zapiro takes to flash fiction.


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