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Marianne Thamm on Paul O’Sullivan, Radovan Krejcir and the Foiled Assassination Plot

To Catch A CopLast month four people were arrested for an assassination plot against forensic consultant Paul O’Sullivan and others involved in “toppling the extensive criminal empire of one of the most dangerous criminals in the country, Czech-born fugitive Radovan Krejcir.”

In an article for the Daily Maverick, Marianne Thamm writes about how Paul O’Sullivan first came across Krejcir while investigating top cop, Jackie Selebi, who he was instrumental in bringing down. Thamm recently published To Catch A Cop: The Paul O’Sullivan Story, which details this case.

Thamm describes how O’Sullivan’s name was on Krejcir’s hit-list during the time she spent with him researching the book. “The thing about the Selebi and the Krejcir narrative and the intersection between organised crime, police and even politics is that is it so deep, wide and complicated that it is almost impossible for someone outside of it to fathom just how much kak we are in,” she writes.

On 10 September 2010 at around 6.30pm, Paul O’Sullivan was in Dublin when he received a call on his cellphone. He answered in his usual manner: “O’Sullivan, good day.” The caller at the other end paused momentarily before speaking.

The man, recalls O’Sullivan, had an Eastern European accent and said “Hello, clown. You want to fuck with me? I will show you who is Radovan. When you will come back to South Africa, I will make you suck my cock, then I will kill you, to show you you fucked with the wrong guy.”

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