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Launch of The Courage to Lead by Daphna Horowitz at Hollard, Johannesburg

The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from KilimanjaroJacana Media invites you to the launch of Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro by Daphna Horowitz.

Do you find that leadership is an abstract concept, difficult to define and grasp? Or do you think it is a collection of simple, practical steps that can be applied with relative ease?

Daphna Horowitz will answer your questions and tell you more about her life-transforming journey climbing Kilimanjaro. With every step she took, she was drawn to the parallels between the climb and leadership. The summit is a metaphor for the vision every leader needs to hold, the mountain a metaphor for the largest obstacles standing in a leader’s way.

The launch will take place on 20 August at the Great Hall, Hollard Villa in Johannesburg. See you there.

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 20 August 2014
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Great Hall,
    Hollard Villa,
    22 Oxford Road,
    Parktown | Map
  • RSVP:, 011 628 3250

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Daphna Horowitz Offers Tips and Advice in The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro

The Courage to LeadJacana Media presents The Courage to Lead – Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro by Daphna Horowitz:

Leaders need to possess certain qualities, and Daphna identified those qualities during her ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro. “Climbing Kilimanjaro was a life-transforming journey for me. In every step I took, I was drawn to the parallels between the climb and leadership. The summit is a metaphor for the vision every leader needs to hold, the mountain a metaphor for the largest obstacles standing in a leader’s way.”

Written in a fun and practical way, this book will help leaders identify their personal mission (the climb) and relate that to their work performance and leadership skills.

About the author

Daphna Horowitz works with leaders to help them identify their personal mission and relate that to their work performance. She is the founder of PEAC Solutions, an innovative and dynamic company that provides a variety of coaching solutions for maximum leadership impact. These include one-on-one personal and executive coaching, team coaching, workshops, facilitation and motivational speaking.

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Surging Chinese Trade in Africa Examined in China and Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists

China and MozambiqueNew from Jacana Media: China and Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists:

The wide range of reactions to greater Chinese involvement across Africa has varied from enthusiastic embrace by elites to caution from businesses, trade unions and civil society, and even hostility from some local communities. As a once-modest presence in Africa, China has rapidly grown to become one of Africa’s top trading partners. Two-way trade surged from just over US$10 billion in 2000 to US$220 billion in 2012.

China and Mozambique moves beyond the conventions of general surveys on China-Africa relations to explore real content and experiences of China’s relationship with Mozambique.

A fuller sense of bilateral relations is offered through the focus on this emblematic case; it drills down into the heart of a relationship whose growing depth and complexity exposes key themes that will affect Africa’s future development.

About the editors

Chris Alden holds a Professorship in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He taught International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand from 1990 to 2000 and established the East Asia Project in 1992. He has held fellowships at Cambridge University, Tokyo University and École Normale Supérieure. Alden is a research associate of the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and the University of Pretoria. He has published widely on China-Africa relations, South African foreign policy, and post-conflict peace building in Africa.

Sérgio Chichava holds a PhD Political Science from Bordeaux University in African Politics and is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Studies (IESE) in Mozambique, where he leads a new research programme on rising powers and development. Chichava has been lecturing in the Sociology of Politics and Mozambican Politics at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo and has held fellowships at Oxford University and the London School of Economics. His recent work focuses on the role of China and Brazil in Mozambique’s agriculture sector.

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Muzi Kuzwayo: Peter Vundla’s Doing Time Shows How Success Takes Time

Doing TimeBlack Man\'s MedicineMuzi Kuzwayo says Peter Vundla’s new book, Doing Time, contains valuable lessons for the aspiring young black elite in South Africa.

Vundla was one of the founders of HerdBuoys, South Africa’s first black advertising agency, in 1991. His memoir is a story of dedication, focus and commitment, which Kuzwayo says he has been “pleading” for him to write for years.

Kuzwayo, advertising big-wig, visiting professor and author of Black Man’s Medicine and There’s a Tsotsi in the Boardroom, says despite his success Vundla never lost the common touch.

In his brand new book, Peter Vundla says I have an exaggerated opinion of him.

Well, he is probably right, I have an exaggerated opinion of black achievers – such as Garrett Morgan, who invented the traffic signal and later the gas mask. I hassled Bra Peter for years, pleading with him to write his story.

It took a few lunches and some time. I wanted him to tell his story because Africa needs every star she can get to help us navigate into the scary future.

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Peter Vundla Discusses Why He Left Pamodzi in This Excerpt from His Memoir Doing Time

Doing Time“Little did I know that I had entered into a world of intrigue, deceit, bad faith, abuse, poor governance and witchcraft,” Peter Vundla writes in his memoir, Doing Time.

In this excerpt, published by City Press, he explains how in 1997 he got involved in Pamodzi Investment Holdings, which planned to invest “in the catering, cleaning, security, tourism, information technology, healthcare, sports and entertainment, facilities management, and financial services industries”. Vundla became the chairman of the board and African Merchant Bank (AMB) became the anchor shareholder. He writes that he had little in common with the others in management and that he was often “called in to intervene in infighting, even on such silly matters as witchcraft”.

Vundla writes about the “abusive use” of his name, saying that big business wanted to do work with him, “not with the unknowns who hung on to my coat-tails”. In 2001 Vundla became nonexecutive deputy chairman at AMB and found himself having to act as a bridge-builder between Pamodzi and AMB as the relationship between the two “was fraught with mistrust and suspicion”. In 2003 Vundla resigned as chairman of Pamodzi.

Early in 1997, Solly Sithole and Ndaba Ntsele visited me at the HerdBuoys offices in Marlboro, I did not know both well, but had seen them around town in their trademark crew-neck shirts, gold chains around their necks and Rolex watches on their wrists.

They both exuded success. Solly was a former mealiemeal sales rep and Ndaba was a former traffic cop.

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Vangile Makwakwa Dishes Out Sage Advice at the Launch of Heart, Mind and Money

Vangile Makwakwa and Shado Twala


Heart, Mind and MoneyAfter racking up more than $30,000 in student loan debt, $10,000 in credit card and other debt whilst obtaining various degrees in the US, Vangile Makwakwa’s start-up company failed and her relationships with the people closest to her were in trouble. She had hit rock bottom.

By taking a long hard look at herself and her situation, Makwakwa slowly started to turn things around. In her book Heart, Mind and Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success she documents this process and explores the link between human emotions and money.

Last night this young entrepreneur launched her book at the popular Book Lounge in Cape Town. In conversation with Shado Twala, best known as a presenter on radio stations such as Cape Talk and Heart 104.9FM. They begun by chatting about the possibility of this book being the first in a series that could also give advice on relationships and love. Makwakwa said that she regularly receives emails from people asking for relationship advice, but that this isn’t really her field of expertise and that she’ll stick to wealth coaching.

Heart, Mind and Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success is based on the premise that your body reacts to financial situations in certain ways, and that to change your financial situation you need to change your body’s responses. Makwakwa said at the launch that poor financial situations can lead to bad health and could cause depression and anxiety. In her book she discusses a variety of methods to change your perspective on money but says that readers should choose the methods that work for them.

Makwakwa suspects that the reason people find it so hard to talk about money or to face financial issues is because of the way in which they were brought up. “We see how our parents react to a credit card bill and when we grow up we react in the same manner.” This behavior, says Makwakwa, is embedded in our subconscious and we need to change it on that deep level in order to change our financial reality.

Rather than allowing your brain to get rid of the emotions you fear, you need to face and experience them in order to deal with the emotions. By avoiding our financial reality we’re not facing and dealing with the problem, says Makwakwa. That’s why she says in the book that you should check your bank balance every day. “There’s nothing more powerful than facing your bank account,” she says in the following video:

YouTube Preview Image

During Makwakwa’s research for the book many people told her that the feeling they get when looking at their financial reality is like “a lump in the throat” and she says to observe the emotion until it passes. Heart, Mind and Money also encourages honesty with those close to you and dependent on you and it’s also a book for men, says Makwakwa. “Wealth isn’t just money, but your health and your relationships add to that equation,” she told the audience.

Twala recommended the book to everyone and said that she has also recently started practicing some of the methods in Heart, Mind and Money.

* * * * * * * *

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Timothy Maurice Webster Presents a Self-branding Guide to Authenticity in Soul to Sole

Soul to SoleIt’s time we stood still and listened to this voice and heard what it has to say for the benefit of distinctively branding ourselves – introspect with the inspirational and philosophical words of Timothy Maurice Webster’s Soul to Sole; the self-branding guide to authenticity.

Soul to Sole is for thinkers who desire their footsteps and their soul to move to the same beat – the belief that by asking better questions and ultimately bridging this gap, the individual leader and influencer can live more effectively and make a larger difference in his/her life and the lives of his/her community.

With this book, Webster asks this essential question: Is it possible to align the Soul to the Sole? Is there a movement away from conspicuous consumerism, towards a more holistic lifestyle where the pursuit of authenticity is desired? Should we perhaps be attempting to marry modernity, technology and a new definition of what it means to live authentically? The old definition suggests we walk barefoot, put away our phones and forgo chatting in favour of living in the spiritual moment.

About the author

Timothy Maurice Webster is a contemporary brand stylist and successful entrepreneur. He is the author of three brand leadership books and a columnist who consults and speaks at the intersection of three key leadership pillars; value formation, style manifestation and brand position. He writes a monthly column for Destiny magazine as well as a weekly column for The Star newspaper. He features on the Phat Joe Show on Metro FM, where he discusses ideas of the soul and introspection.

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Launch of Heart, Mind and Money by Vangile Makwakwa at The Book Lounge

Invitation: Launch of Heart, Mind & Money

Heart, Mind and Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial SuccessJacana Media and The Book Lounge invite you to the launch of Heart, Mind and Money: Using Emotional Intelligence for Financial Success by Vangile Makwakwa. Makwakwa will be in conversation with Shado Twala.

The event will be held on Tuesday 4 June at 5:30 PM for 6:00 PM.

See you there!

Event Details

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Join Jacana for Their Bi-annual Book Sale in Auckland Park

 photo Book-Sale-Ad_zpsc4ceed58.jpg

Jacana Media is having its bi-anual book sale where you can pick up quality books for as little as R20!

See you there!


  • Date: 28 to 30 May 2013
  • Time: 2:00 to 5:30 PM
  • Venue: 10 Orange Street
    Auckland Park
    Johannesburg | Map
Trick or TreatZumanomicsLady LimboTo Have and to HoldAfrica Trek 2

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eBook options – Download now!

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Thomas Oosthuizen Shares the Do’s and Don’ts of Marketing in The Brand Book

The Brand BookGiven the ever-increasing importance of marketing, The Brand Book is an invaluable marketer’s tool and an ultimate guide to marketing and brand management. It covers challenges faced by most company executives and marketers today, by outlining a new “how-to” approach with easy-to-follow illustrated examples.

A comprehensive guide to the do’s and don’ts of marketing, the book de-mystifies marketing and brand jargon with an easy-to understand-and-relate-to method, using examples at both local and global levels.

Through The Brand Book, Thomas Oosthuizen describes his personal marketing method, which he developed while working in senior marketing positions for many years and being instrumental in the success of many iconic brands. Using a new model which covers all marketing pillars in one book, The Brand Book focuses not only on how to build and maintain a profitable brand, but also how to make it sustainable and affordable; making it ideal for senior company executives, CEOs, FDs, non-marketers, senior marketers and brand managers as well as academics.

About the author

Thomas Oosthuizen has been involved with many blue-chip brands over the last twenty years – as a marketer, an agency brand strategist, and as owner of his own company brand. Through working with brands like Outsurance, Vodacom,, Emirates, AngloGold Ashanti, 20twenty and eBucks, Oosthuizen discovered a series of “universal truths” for successful marketing. Through his experience, he is able to ensure that the reader will have both a far greater grasp of what makes up a brand, and also knowledge of how to better manage it and ensure it has the best chance to optimize its value as an asset and a profit generator.

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