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Archive for the ‘Children’ Category

Born to be Free tells the heart-warming true story of lion expert Gareth Patterson introducing George Adamson’s orphaned lion cubs back into the wild

When the grand old ‘lion man of Africa’, George Adamson, passed away, the last of his lion cub orphans faced an uncertain future.

Would the cubs have to spend their entire lives behind bars in a zoo, or would they have a free life in the wild, as George had intended for them?

Lion expert Gareth Patterson rescues George’s cubs and, by living as a human member of the little pride, Gareth prepares to introduce the young lions back into the wild.

This heart-warming book tells the true story of lioness Rafiki, her sister, Furaha, and her brother, Batian.

• Many years ago, it was estimated that some 250 000 lions existed across the continent of Africa. Today it is thought that only 20 000 lions remain. Due to the actions of poachers, trophy hunters and conflict with people because of their livestock, the mighty king of the animals is in real trouble.

• The title of this book is Born to be Free and that is what all lions and other wild animals should be – free. Free to live their lives in the wild as nature had intended. Rafiki’s story shows how important it is for lions to be free – and that we should protected from harm. The African bush would no longer be the same if all the lions were gone. What would we say to our children’s children if the last lion was gone – forever gone?

• That is why all of us must hold the lion in our hearts, and do our best to protect Rafiki’s kind.


Raised in west, east and southern Africa, Gareth’s entire adult life has been dedicated to the greater protection of the African lion and Africa’s elephants. He has written about his life in the wilds in 11 internationally published books, and his story has been broadcasted across the world in documentaries such as In Tribute to George Adamson, Shadows of Gold and Gray and the Animal Planet documentary, The Search for the Knysna Elephants. Patterson was presented with the Nick Steele Memorial Award for the Environmentalist of the Year at the SAB Environmental Media Awards 2016.

Visit Gareth’s personal website:
Visit Sekai’s website (Gareth’s African Environmentalism Group):


Last of the Free

‘An extraordinary tale of endurance, triumph and tragedy’ – The Times, London.

‘… Through it all emerges a character deeply in love with his charges, someone whose passion may well ensure that they are not the last of the free great predators.’ – Kirkus Review

‘An extraordinary story.’ – Daily Mail

‘A story about hardship, dedication and demanding work … a message that deserves wide readership.’ – Literary Journal ‘It is both heart-warming and heart-rending and I defy you to read it without a tear in your eye.’ – Manchester Evening News

With My Soul Amongst Lions

‘Patterson soldiers on, triumphing over adversities that would have broken lesser men … like Adamson before him, he cannot bear to think of a lion that is not free.’ – The Times, London

‘Movingly told … a story of one man’s amazing devotion’. – Today

‘His story, tinged with triumph and tragedy in equal measure, is a powerful plea on behalf of all lions.’ – BBC Wildlife magazine

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The Wild Fluffalump: a bedtime story which delivers an important message about extinction

A muddy baby elephant goes to sleep under a tall Cottonseed tree, where the leopard’s child has been bouncing all night.

It wakes up as a giant white fluffy ball and doesn’t recognise itself.

The animals come one by one and pull and lick and tug, trying to figure out what it is.

The battle being fought by admirable souls to keep elephants from extinction is steady but slow. A change in mind set is perhaps needed in the formative years, when cuddly bears and koalas and penguins and seal-pups rate high on the Hug-o-meter.

Now what if children from Africa to China could learn to see rhinos and elephants as wonderful animals to cuddle and to feel protective towards for a lifetime …

Also available in Afrikaans, isiXhosa & isiZulu.

Bruce Hobson writes as Mwenye Hadithi (meaning ‘story teller’ in Swahili). Born in Nairobi, Bruce grew in a house with a wild garden, visited by gazelles and porcupines and warthogs. A crocodile once went to sleep by the ironing board, and a hippopotamus got stuck in the back gate. As a child he kept tarantula-like spiders as pets and at school they were often confronted by baboons on the hockey field. From there he went to Rugby School in England, and studied foreign literature at London University. This inspired him to write, stirred by those traditional oral stories from Africa where the foibles of village characters, thinly disguised as animals, would lead to a moral lesson.

However, publishers weren’t keen on stories where hyenas had their bottoms sewn up in order to eat a lot, so in the best tradition of storytellers the world over, he borrowed bits from the old stories and wove them in with fresh threads of humour and his own motifs, and the Hadithi series’ Greedy Zebra was published in 1984.

Adrienne Kennaway grew up all over the world, but spent most of her formative life in Kenya, where an interest in wildlife soon turned to art, especially painting animals. Ealing Tech in London and L’Academie Bella Arte in Rome honed her skill and she became notably successful with her vivid watercolour illustrations for Mwenye Hadithi’s African folktale series. She has illustrated over 30 children’s books and her illustrations for Hadithi’s Crafty Chameleon won the Kate Greenaway Prize. Adrienne now enjoys spending time in the Irish countryside, capturing the local wildlife on canvas.

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Local children’s publisher Bumble Books wins prestigious award at Bologna Children’s Book Fair

Local children's publisher Bumble Books wins prestigious award at Bologna Children's Book Fair
I am AlexThe PossibilitreeThe Rainbow's HeartAnnie Learns to Swim

Mu's Wolf ProblemOom Kallas and the TortoisesTable Mountain's HolidayVumile and the Dragon


There’s a certain magic about a beautifully illustrated children’s book, something that can set your child’s imagination soaring and set up a life of reading.

Excitement ran high at the official Bologna Children’s Book Fair awards in Italy earlier this month, when Bumble Books, a small South African independent publisher, won Best Children’s Book Publisher Africa.

This was the second year that Bumble Books, the children’s imprint of Publishing Print Matters, had been nominated.

Winning the award is a huge accolade, and recognises the years of creative vision that Bumble Books owner Robin Stuart-Clark, who hails from Noordhoek in Cape Town, has put into the imprint.

Stuart-Clark’s goal is to publish books that can become a legacy. Bumble Books provides a platform for new South African illustrators and authors to showcase their work internationally, with an emphasis on fun and entertainment. The range offers exquisitely illustrated stories that leap off the page, capturing the imagination of both children and adults.

“This international award not only recognises Bumble Books but more importantly also acknowledges the depth of both the Illustrative and literary talent we have in South Africa,” Stuart-Clark says. “We are world class and we need to think beyond our borders. Our stories can travel, but we’re not using this talent.”

The Bologna Best Children’s Publisher of the Year Prize acknowledges the most significant publishers in Africa, Central and South America, North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. Instituted by the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in partnership with the Italian Publishers’ Association, the prize is awarded to publishers that have most distinguished themselves for their creative and publishing excellence over the year, showing originality as well as professional and intellectual skill.

This is not the first time Bumble Books has been recognised at the awards. Table Mountain’s Holiday by Lucy Stuart-Clark was nominated for the 2013 Bologna Children’s Book Fair Illustrator’s Exhibition, and last year the press was nominated for the Best Publisher Africa – one of five publishers nominated and the only one from South Africa. In 2015, The Possibilitree by Tamlyn Young was voted one of two best books by Jay Heale of the Children’s Books Network.

“People are not reading less – ebook sales confirm this – they are just reading differently, that is, on electronic devices. Children reading for pleasure don’t want lectures, they get those at school. They want to be entertained; they have imagination,” Stuart-Clark says.

In 2014, Publishing Print Matters appointed an international rights agent to represent Bumble Books internationally. Sales of language rights to date include Chinese [Simplified Characters], Spanish and Catalan for Annie Learns to Swim by Katrin Coetzer, and Japanese for The Rainbow’s Heart by Richard Latimer. With the Bologna win, the world is most certainly Bumble Books’ oyster.

See the full list of Bumble Books distributed by Jacana Media:

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Read a Round-up of the HPCSA Trial Against Tim Noakes, Which Will Resume in February 2016

Raising SuperheroesTim Noakes, the advocate of the Banting lifestyle and co-author of Raising Superheroes, was called before the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) recently.

Noakes was asked to defend a tweet he sent out in 2014 saying that low-carb, high-fat foods are good for babies, which was brought under the attention of the HPCSA by the former president of the Association of Dietetics in South Africa (ASDA) Claire Strydom.

The Real Meal Revolution has shared a round-up of the events and arguments of the six-day trial, which will resume in February 2016 and is estimated to be costing South Africa taxpayers over R1 million.

Read the article:

On day one of the trial, the HPCSA tried, and failed, to prevent the Noakes’ legal team from presenting evidence by video link. The reason the team had to seek evidence outside of South Africa was because no South African specialists came forward, through apparent fear of what might happen to them.

Claire Strydom then tried to present evidence that the Noakes’ team hadn’t seen and began to give expert instead of factual testimony.

On day two, Claire Strydom continued with her testimony, but kept straying into expert territory, instead of sticking to the facts. During the cross-examination, “Julsing-Strydom said she didn’t believe the Banting advocate should be struck from the health professions roll for giving unconventional advice” and she admitted to over-reacting “when she sent a tweet about how horrified she was by Noakes’ advice to a breastfeeding mother.”

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Join Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot for a Raising Superheroes Workshop in Durban

Raising SuperheroesJacana Media and the Durban Country Club would like to invite you to a special Raising Superheroes workshop, presented by Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot.

The dynamic duo will be at the Durban Country Club on Thursday, 12 November for a talk on health, fitness, diet and this new book on children’s nutrition. Raising Superheroes is the follow-up to their incredibly successful book Real Meal Revolution, which sparked a nationwide consciousness about healthy living.

The event starts at 10:30 for 11 AM and will be finished by 1:30 PM. Tickets cost R200. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Don’t miss this!

Event Details

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Join Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot for a Talk on Raising Superheroes at Jackson’s Real Food Market, Bryanston

Invitation to a talk on Raising Superheroes

Raising SuperheroesYou are invited to a talk by Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot on their new book Raising Superheroes.

The authors, who have been dynamos for the Real Meal Revolution, will be speaking about healthy eating for children, and answering any questions the audience may have for them.

The event will take place at Jackson’s Real Food Market in Bryanston at 6 for 6:30 PM on Monday, 2 November (tonight).

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Monday, 2 November 2015
  • Time: 6 PM for 6:30 PM
  • Venue: Jackson’s Real Food Market
    Riverside Shopping Centre
    317 Bryanston Drive
    Bryanston | Map
  • Refreshments: Light refreshments will be served
  • RSVP: Janine Daniels,, 011 628 3200


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Meet Tim Noakes at a Times Talks Event in Sandton and Discuss His New Book, Raising Superheroes

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled

Invitation to a Times Talks event

Raising SuperheroesJoin us for an evening of conversation with Professor Tim Noakes at a Times Talks event at the Tsogo Sun Sandton Sun Hotel.

Noakes’ latest book, Raising Superheroes, sets out to revolutionise the way we feed our children.

PLEASE NOTE: This event has been cancelled

Event Details

  • Date: Monday, 2 November 2015
  • Time: 6:00 PM for 6:30 PM
  • Venue: Sandton Sun Hotel – Tsogo Sun
    Corner Fifth and Alice Streets
    Johannesburg | Map
  • Interviewer: Michele Magwood
  • Ticket price: R150
  • Tickets: Webtickets

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Don’t Miss Jenny Crwys-Williams Chatting to Tim Noakes About His New Book, Raising Superheroes

Raising SuperheroesProfessor Tim Noakes is in town! It’s all about healthy eating and Banting.

Join Jenny Crwys-Williams for an early evening event with Noakes on Tuesday, 3 November, at Delta Cafe in Craighall Park.

Crwys-Williams will be chatting to Noakes about his latest book, Raising Superheroes, and he will answer all your questions about food, Banting, and anything else you’d like to ask him.

Tickets cost R220. Wine and delicious snacks will be served.

Parking is inside Colourful Splendour Nursery – if you get lost please call 079 482 5286.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 3 November 2015
  • Time: 5:30 for 6 PM
  • Venue: Delta Cafe
    20 Marlborough Road
    Craighall Park
    Johannesburg | Map
  • Refreshments: Wine and delicious snacks will be served
  • Cover charge: R220
  • RSVP:

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Raising Superheroes verduidelik hoekom kinders vet word en hoe om dit te voorkom” – Tim Noakes

Raising SuperheroesProfessor Tim Noakes het vroeër vanjaar met Rochélle Human gesels oor sy nuwe kookboek vir kinders, Raising Superheroes.

Raising Superheroes verduidelik hoekom kinders vet word en hoe om dit te voorkom,” het Noakes gesê. “Daar is meer suiker in pureekos as ooit tevore. Verwerkte babakos was die eerste geïndustrialiseerde kos.”

Noakes het verder vertel dat Raising Superheroes nie Banting vir kinders is nie: “Solank jy jou kind nie suiker gee nie, kan hy ’n bietjie koolhidrate inneem.”

Lees die artikel:

Vroeër is babas met “werklike kos” gespeen. Daardie kinders “was gesond, sterk en nie vetsugtig nie”.

“As kinders regte kos eet, sal hulle baie sterker en gesonder – en ons hoop slimmer – grootword, met baie minder gedragsprobleme. Hulle sal nie vetsugtig wees nie en hulle sal hulle nooit oor hul gewig hoef te bekommer nie.”

Luidens uittreksels uit die boek beveel die skrywers aan dat kleuters vet in kos soos sardyne, avokado’s en neutbotter inkry en hoender met die vel en volroomsuiwel eet.

Lees ook:



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This Heritage Day Treat Your Kids to a Mouthwatering Veggie-Packed Bobotie from Raising Superheroes


Raising SuperheroesTomorrow is National Braai Day – but let’s not forget that it’s also Heritage Day! In celebration, why not treat your kids to this tasty low-carb Veggie-Packed Bobotie?

The recipe comes from Raising Superheroes, the new low-carb recipe book and lifestyle quide by Tim Noakes, Jonno Proudfoot and Bridget Surtees.

The Veggie-Packed Bobotie takes about 20 minutes to prepare and 45 minutes to bake. It serves six to eight, and once cooked, the Real Meal team say, it “freezes like a bomb”, so you can double the recipe if you want some to put away for a rainy day.

This South African classic is a family favourite and a brilliant vessel for secret vegetables. We’ve kept our version quite mild in flavour; add a little more curry powder to spice it up for more adventurous kids.

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