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Archive for the ‘Green’ Category

The signs of invertebrates’ day-to-day activities are all around us. Lee Gutteridge shows us where to look…

The Invertrebrates of Southern Africa

This book intensively covers a never-before-explored aspect of Southern African nature and is an essential new addition to the library of every nature lover.

It was researched and written over the last four and a half years to open a door to a little known micro-world that exists all around us. Invertebrates – which include commonly seen creatures such as butterflies, spiders, beetles, worms and scorpions – are everywhere.

The signs of their day-to-day activities are all around us if we know where to look.

The life cycles and behaviours of many animals are discussed, with a special focus on interactions between mammals and invertebrates – a fascinating subject in itself.

While working on this book, Lee Gutteridge spent many hours in the field with expert entomologists and arachnologists, many of whom commented that; even though they had spent a lifetime in the field, this experience, of invertebrate tracking, had changed the way that they see the invertebrate world.

With funding received from the Oppenheimer family, 250 copies will be donated to indigenous trackers, whose knowledge Lee appreciates and respects.
Lee Gutteridge is an experienced, enthusiastic and well-known wild life author, nature guide and trainer. With 25 years of experience in the bush, he has come to realise that guiding is not just about knowledge, but more importantly about how we share it with our guests from around the world. He personally trains for many well-known and highly experienced guide and tracker teams at some of the southern and central African region’s top lodges, with programmes focusing on a wide range of subjects including track identification skills.

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Green Turtle Spotted Nesting on a KZN Beach for the First Time

Between the TidesFor the first time ever a green turtle was spotted nesting on a beach in KwaZulu-Natal in the Isimangaliso Wetland Park, reports Sue Derwent for the Sunday Tribune.

Of the five species of turtles found along the coast nest on those beaches, only loggerhead and leatherback turtles are known to nest there.

Dr George Hughes, author of Between the Tides and former CEO of Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, was at the beach where the green turtle was nesting. He says that it’s not uncommon for green turtles to come onshore and that it was possibly “a ‘baby-in-the-taxi’ event” or that the turtle may have been misled by the warm water, which is a result of global warming.

“One thing we know for sure is that we have prepared well for this by having such a long stretch of the Maputaland coast included in a World Heritage Site and fully protected. We have plenty of room for pioneer turtles,” Hughes says.

The annual sea turtle season in KwaZulu-Natal drew to a dramatic end with the siting of the first green turtle nesting on the beaches of Isimangaliso Wetland Park.

Although five different types of sea turtle are found along the coastline, only the loggerhead and leatherback turtles nest here between October and February, so the green turtle was a big surprise.

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Excerpted Pages from The Grower’s Cookbook by Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis

The Grower\'s CookbookGrowing your own vegetables and fruit allows you to control any sprays or pesticides that may be used and will provide you with delicious fresh produce to cook with, Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis write in The Grower’s Cookbook.

Aerodrome has shared some pages from the book, including how to get started growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit and how to make jams and jellies from your produce:

What could be more delicious than a succulent summer salad, or vegetables and fruit picked straight from the garden? Growing you own produce is a relatively simple process that requires little more than determination and commitment. With a modicum of care and attention you will be amazed by the way in which your young plants respond to a healthy environment. Tending your own edible garden also means that you will know precisely what sprays and pesticides have been used, and may confidently anticipate a flavour and sweeteness for which there really is no substitute.

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Launch of If Trees Could Talk: Meg’s Guide to Bushveld Trees by Megan Emmett at Wits University

If Trees Could Talk: Meg's Guide to Bushveld TreesJacana Media and TWK Agriculture Limited invite you to the launch of If Trees Could Talk by Megan Emmett

Emmett will give a presentation and read from the book on Wednesday 8 May at 6 PM for 6:30 PM at the Origins Centre.

See you there!

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 08 May 2013
  • Time: 6:00 PM for 6:30 PM
  • Venue: The Origins Centre
    Cnr Yale & Enoch Sontonga
    Wits University
    Braamfontein | Map

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Learn More About Africa’s Flora in Megan Emmett’s If Trees Could Talk

If Trees Could TalkOver almost two decades of working in the bush, Megan Emmett has developed a knack for unravelling the mystery of trees and making the subject come alive in a simple and fun way.

If Trees Could Talk is not a typical tree guide; it unlocks the world of trees by taking the reader on a personalized journey, covering 100 of the most popular and commonly encountered bushveld trees and making learning about trees easy and engaging.

Illustrated by award-winning photographer Shem Compion, If Trees Could Talk is jam-packed with beautiful stylized visuals and extreme close-up shots that show the individual features of each tree for a one-glance reference. This guide shines a new light on trees, bringing them alive and making them accessible to everyone. Understanding something about trees is key to getting the most out of an encounter with the bush and if trees could talk, they’d tell you that themselves.

About the author

Since leaving school, Megan Emmett has worked in the wildlife industry and has had broad exposure to numerous parts of South Africa through her studies and profession. She began her career by completing a B.Tech degree in Nature Conservation and spent time working in the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve and in the North West Parks. Subsequently her resume includes a diversity of fields in wildlife: the wildlife television industry producing documentaries for channels such as National Geographic; a field guide in the private safari industry in the greater Kruger Park area (FGASA level 3); contributing to small research initiatives; nationally accredited field guide’s trainer and assessor. Her passion is academia and writing. Emmett enjoys the editorial interpretation of her experiences, contributing regularly to magazines such as Africa Geographic. She has also written two wildlife books.

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Cook From Your Garden With The Grower’s Cookbook by Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis

The Grower's CookbookIf you like the idea of growing and cook your own food, but have little expertise, fairly limited space and very little time, then this is the book to turn to. In The Grower’s Cookbook authors Dennis Greville and Jill Brewis combine their gardening and culinary talents to provide you with a wealth of information and inspiration.

Many vegetables offer a vibrant beauty that few other plants are able to match. Their unique colours, textures, fragrances, flavours and forms are always exciting – they are glamorous in the garden, and tasty and rewarding in the kitchen. Whether large or small, your own edible garden can be a place of comfort and fulfillment.

About the authors

Dennis Greville is a leading gardening writer and photographer with a lifelong passion for gardening. He is the author of several best-selling books.

Jill Brewis is an experienced food writer and editor, well known for her enthusiasm for good food and cooking. She was a judge for the World Food Media Awards.

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Vandana Shiva Explores Earth-centred Politics in Making Peace With the Earth

Making Peace With the EarthWars in the 21st century are wars against the earth: against natural resources like water, soil, forests, minerals, seeds. The global corporate economy based on the idea of limitless growth has become a war economy and the means it uses are instruments of war. Trade wars. Water wars. Food wars.

In a compelling and rigorously documented exposition, Shiva demolishes the myths propagated by corporate globalisation in its pursuit of profit and power by demonstrating its flawed assumptions and devastating fallouts.

Corporate control violates all ethical and ecological limits. It promotes technologies of production based on genetic engineering, geo-engineering and toxins; industrial development that entails the forcible appropriation of land, rivers, mountains; agribusinesses that deplete nature’s diversity; land-grab in Africa, Asia, South America. Exploitation of this order incurs the kind of ecological and economic debt that is unsustainable, unbailable and unbearable.

Making Peace with the Earth outlines how a paradigm shift to earth-centred politics and economics is our only chance of survival; and how collective resistance to corporate exploitation can open the way to a new environmentalism of interdependence and earth democracy.

About the author

Vandana Shiva is an Indian philosopher, environmental activist, author and eco feminist. Shiva, currently based in Delhi, has authored more than 20 books. She is one of the leaders and board members of the International Forum on Globalization (along with Jerry Mander, Edward Goldsmith, Ralph Nader, Jeremy Rifkin, et al.) and a figure of the global solidarity movement known as the alter-globalization movement. She has argued for the wisdom of many traditional practices, as is evident from her interview in the book Vedic Ecology (by Ranchor Prime) that draws upon India’s Vedic heritage. She is a member of the scientific committee of the Fundacion IDEAS, Spain’s Socialist Party’s think tank. She is also a member of the International Organization for a Participatory Society. She was awarded the Right Livelihood Award in 1993. Past publications include Soil Not Oil (2008) and Staying Alive (2010).

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Book Preview of Between the Tides by George Hughes

Between the TidesJacana has shared a preview of Between the Tides: In Search of Sea Turtles by George Hughes, a book in which he describes his experiences with these marvellous creatures and his efforts to save them from extinction.

The preview includes a contents page, maps, a preface by Allan Heydorn, Chapter 1 and a number of photos that illustrate the story of the sea turtle.

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eBook options – Download now!

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Launch of Between the Tides by George Hughes at Ron Belling Art Gallery

Between the Tides: In Search of Sea TurtlesJacana Media, Fogarty’s Bookshop and the Ron Belling Art Gallery are pleased to invite you to the launch of Between the Tides: In Search of Sea Turtles by George Hughes.

The launch will take place on 6 December at the Ron Belling Art Gallery in Port Elizabeth and it starts at 6:00 PM for 6:30 PM.

See you there!

Event Details

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In Between the Tides George Hughes Shows How the Plight of Sea Turtles Reflects That of the Planet

Between the TidesMuch can be learned about the condition of the planet’s environment by looking at sea turtles. They have existed for over 100 million years, and they travel throughout the world’s oceans. Suddenly, however, they are struggling to survive – largely because of things people are doing to the planet’s oceans and beaches.

But what does this mean for the human species? It is possible that a world in which sea turtles cannot survive may soon become a world in which humans struggle to survive. If, however, we learn from our mistakes and begin changing our behaviour, there is still time to save sea turtles from extinction. In the process, we will be saving one of the earth’s most mysterious and time-honoured creatures. We might just be saving ourselves too.

South Africa has played an active role in this, protecting its own sea-turtle populations and researching turtle populations in neighbouring countries. An early pioneer in conservation techniques, South Africa has assisted many countries and researchers, and the sea turtles of south-east Africa are now extensively protected, with positive signs of recovery.

Between the Tides tells this remarkable story, as seen through the eyes of the author, whose interest in sea-turtle research has taken him all over the world and involved him in exciting expeditions, scientific controversy, political unrest, the companionship of wonderful people, both scientific and conservationist, and survival by sheer luck. His lasting reward has been his association with beautiful beaches and the wonderful family of sea turtles.

About the author

George Hughes finished a BSc (Hons) in Zoology in 1968 and pursued a higher degree in Zoology by studying sea turtles throughout the south-western Indian Ocean. Between the Tides is essentially the story of his eccentric experiences and the results of his original research, expanded and brought up to date following a life-long association with these fascinating and endearing reptiles.

George was CEO of the Natal Parks Board and then Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, and is the recipient of numerous awards including a lifetime achievement award from the International Sea Turtle Society. He has led many official South African delegations to conservation conferences with objectives as diverse as sustainable use, CITES and conservation economics issues. Having retired after 42 years in conservation work, he continues to be involved in sea-turtle conservation. He enjoys writing (297 publications) and lecturing and spent four years as chairman of a national radio programme Talking of Nature.

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