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Archive for the ‘Humour’ Category

Don’t Miss the Launch of Rhodes Rage by Zapiro at Dope Store in Johannesburg

Invitation to the launch of Rhodes Rage

Rhodes RageJacana and Dope Store would like to invite you to the launch of Rhodes Rage, Zapiro’s 2015 annual.

Zapiro will be speaking about the highlights and lowlights from another momentous year in South African politics, and how he represented the year that was in his satirical ink.

The launch will take place at Dope Store on Saturday, 7 November, between 2 and 4 PM.

Don’t miss out!

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, 7 November 2015
  • Time: 2 to 4 PM
  • Venue: Dope Store
    95 Commissioner Street
    Johannesburg | Map
  • RSVP: Nomzamo,, 011 628 3200

Book Details

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Presenting Rhodes Rage – Another Momentous Year Captured in Zapiro’s Razor-sharp Cartoons

Rhodes RageJacana is proud to present Rhodes Rage, the 2015 Zapiro annual:

Zapiro skewers another momentous year including the drama over Rhodes and other statues, Nkandla Pay Back the Money, spy cables, NPA shenanigans, Eskom and parastatal paralysis, union disunity, Charlie Hebdo, xenophobia, Juju’s boiler suit brigade, Godzille’s successor, cockroaches, Verwoerd’s ghost and other political creatures.

Sometimes it requires long treatises to diagnose the maladies of a nation, but sometimes, with the right skilful hand and satirical eye, they can be summed up in an image. This is exactly what Zapiro has been doing for two decades, capturing, criticising and making fun of South Africa’s rich and powerful in the pages of the country’s biggest newspapers” – New African Magazine (UK) Dec 2014

About the Author

Zapiro is Jonathan Shapiro. Born in 1958, he went through architecture at UCT, conscription, activism, detention and a Fulbright Scholarship to New York before establishing himself as South Africa’s best-known cartoonist. He has worked for Mail & Guardian since 1994, Sunday Times since 1998 and The Times since 2009. He has also been editorial cartoonist for Sowetan and Independent Newspapers. He has published 19 best-selling annuals as well as The Mandela Files, VuvuzelaNation (a collection of his sporting cartoons) and DemoCrazy (his cartoon collection on SA’s 20-year trip).

Zapiro’s numerous SA awards include the Mondi Shanduka Journalist of the Year award and two honorary doctorates. Internationally he has won the Principal Prince Claus award (2005) as well as Press Freedom awards from the International Publishers’ Association, the Media Institute of Southern Africa and Cartoonists’ Rights Network International. In 2011 the magazine Jeune Afrique voted him one of the 50 most influential people in Africa. He lives in Cape Town with his wife Karina Turok and his two children, Tevya and Nina.

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Goodnight Zzzuma: A Must-read for Anyone Still in Possession of a Sense of Outrage

Goodnight ZzzumaJacana Media is proud to present Goodnight Zzzuma:

Tucked up in bed, President Zuma says goodnight to all the familiar things in his softly lit world. Goodnight to the pictures of his favourite wives, to the Gupta brothers and to the helipad at Nkandla. To everything, one by one, he says goodnight.

Generations of children have been lulled to sleep with Margaret Wise Brown’s and illustrator Clement Hurd’s classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon. In 2008, Little Brown US published the New York Times bestseller, Goodnight Bush. It became a runaway bestseller and viral sensation. In 2009 Bush left office. Now it is our turn, with Goodnight Zzzuma. A must-read for anyone still possessing a sense of outrage.

“I can already predict that the bestselling book for Xmas 2015 will be Goodnight Zzzuma. Looks hysterical.”
Jenny Crwys-Williams @jcwLIFE (29 June)

About the author

In the best tradition of subversion, the author will remain Anonymous but will be available for email interviews arranged through

Book details

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Don’t Miss Chester Missing’s New Comedy Show, Missing, at the Joburg Theatre

Chester Missing's Guide to the Elections '14Chester Missing, the notorious puppet behind the book Chester Missing’s Guide to the Elections ’14, is featuring in a new theatre show.

Missing, who is brought to life by ventriloquist Conrad Koch, will be discussing South African issues with the frankness and humour for which he is admired.

The show will be staged at The Fringe at The Joburg Theatre Complex between Tuesday, 20 October, and Saturday, 7 November. Shows start at 8 PM, and tickets cost R120 per person.

Don’t miss out!

Bringing you the funniest, freshest material in his hilarious new show, Missing, South Africa’s most notorious and controversial puppet, Chester Missing, is making his way to the Joburg Theatre from 20 October to 7 November.

As always, Chester will be accompanied by his faithful sidekick, Conrad Koch.

Conrad also insists on dragging two other puppets around with them (like those family members that you can’t really get rid of but would like to) – Ronnie, the monster, who has been known to try sell drugs to audience members and Conrad’s life coach and mentor, Charles Hilary, the vodka soaked ostrich.

Event Details

  • Date: Tuesday, 20 October to Saturday, 7 November 2015
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Venue: The Fringe at Joburg Theatre
    The Joburg Theatre Complex
    Biccard Street
    Johannesburg | Map


Book Details

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Stephen Francis and Rico Present Shed Happens – The 23rd Madam and Eve Annual

Shed HappensJacana Media is proud to present Shed Happens by Stephen Francis, illustrated by Rico:

23 issues later and still fresh as ever! Shed Happens is filled with gags and outrageous punchlines that will have you chuckling way, way after you’ve put this book down.

Madam, Eve, Thandi and Mother Anderson, with some of their assorted relatives and friends, take us into the rabbit hole of domestic and political life in South Africa. Tackling serious topics while helping us as South Africans laugh at ourselves … and our politicians.

If you were not in the country for the past couple of months, here is a book that will connect the dots for you, from load shedding (revealing the 10 Stages of Load Shedding Grief ), to the much talked about Nkandla debacle, to the EFF chanting “Pay back the money!” – and getting kicked out of parliament – as well as a host of other hot topics.

Extraordinary … a South African phenomenon … has won the hearts of millions.” – The Mail & Guardian

Captures the miracle of transformation and the lunacy of our lives.” – Kevin Ritchie, editor of The Star

Lampoons with grace and skill.” – Jenny Crwys-Williams

Locates the common national funnybone.” – Washington Post

About the Authors

Stephen Francis is the writing half of the Madam & Eve team. Born in the United States in 1949, Francis moved to South Africa in 1988. In 1992, witnessing the interesting and often funny dynamic between his South African mother-in-law and her domestic housekeeper, he conceptualised the Madam & Eve strip. Francis is also an award-winning script writer, and radio and TV personality.

Rico forms the other half of the creative team – as illustrator. Born in Austria in 1966, he now lives and works in Johannesburg, and has been drawing cartoons ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Besides his work on Madam & Eve, Rico also produces illustrations for a wide range of other publications.

Book details

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Goodnight Zzzuma – an Unauthorised Parody – to be Released in October (Plus Trailer)

Presenting Goodnight Zzzuma

Goodnight ZzzumaJacana is proud to announce the upcoming publication of Goodnight Zzzuma, an unauthorised parody:

Generations of children have been lulled to sleep with Margaret Wise Brown’s classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon (illustrated Clement Hurd) In 2008, Little Brown US published the New York Times bestseller, Goodnight Bush. It became a runaway bestseller and viral sensation. In 2009 Bush left office. Now it is Jacana’s turn, with Goodnight Zzzuma!

In a great green room, tucked away in bed, is President Jacob Zuma. “Goodnight room,” he says to all the familiar things in the softly lit room – to the pictures of his favourite wives, to the Guptas and the helipad, to the Karoo and fracking. To everything, one by one, he says goodnight.

The book does illicit a few chuckles, but it does hit hard, especially when Zzzuma says goodnight to:

A nation, a struggle

Reduced to a chuckle

And a grand old man

Whispering Eish!

Watch a teaser video about Goodnight Zzzuma:

YouTube Preview Image

Book details

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“Look Like a Sexist” – Zapiro Tackles Bic South Africa After Women’s Day Advert Controversy

It's Code Red!DemoCrazyMy Big Fat Gupta WeddingVuvuzelaNationBut Will It Stand Up in Court?

Zapiro has taken on pen manufacturer Bic South Africa, after the company’s recent Women’s Day blunder.

Bic South Africa’s Facebook page published a picture of a woman in a suit with the words, “Look like a girl, act like a lady, think like a man, work like a boss”, along with the hashtag #HappyWomensDay.

Many people took to social media to express their outrage, which was predictably followed by people expressing outrage at the initial outrage. Bic apologised for the gaffe, but many took issue with their apology, on the grounds that it did not take enough responsibility for the mistake. The company then apologised again, and deleted the picture from their Facebook and Twitter pages.

The story has since been taken up by international media in the UK and USA.

Zapiro, one of our sharpest political cartoonists, has joined the debate, with a cartoon on the Mail & Guardian:

Book details

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Ndumiso Ngcobo: To My Teachers, Dedicated Pedagogues and Certifiable Maniacs Alike

Eat, Drink and Blame the AncestorsNdumiso Ngcobo, Sunday Times columnist and author of Eat, Drink and Blame the Ancestors, recently wrote a column on education, misuse of public funds and the crazy teachers who populated his childhood.

In the article Ngcobo describes the chattering class’ concerns about the education budget and some of his memorable teachers. He says that “dedicated, hard-working individuals” who oversaw his education have faded into gentle oblivion in his mind but he will never forget the “certifiably mad ones”.

Read the column:

The other day I was minding my own business, driving under Sanral gantry after Sanral gantry on the N3, when I saw a ginormous billboard with the minister of basic education’s mugshot smiling down upon the highway. It gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling because I think she is a lovely woman to look at.

The caption read, “If you can read this, thank a teacher”, or something along those lines. What a great way to spend the education budget. I cannot be certain how many trips to deliver textbooks in remote Limpopo villages the money spent on this brilliant, crucial campaign could buy – and I don’t care. So what if only about 40% of our Grade 5 pupils can read and comprehend that brilliant billboard?

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A Musical is Perfect for the Extravagant Characters of Madam & Eve (Video)

Send in the ClownsLyall Ramsden, the producer of the forthcoming Madam & Eve musical, was interviewed about his new project on kykNET.

In the interview, Ramsden explains how the idea for a musical got set in motion. He says that Stephen Francis and Rico, whose latest Madam & Eve collection is Send in the Clowns, absolutely loved the idea of making a musical.

Ramsden says that the “extravagant characters” of the cartoon lend themselves to a musical. South Africa, he says, offers a wide range of musical styles to work with, and a plenitude of creative inspiration.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

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Chester Missing Hopes Trevor Noah will Add Some isiXhosa to the Daily Show

Chester Missing's Guide to the Elections '14Chester Missing and his puppet-master Conrad Koch have congratulated Trevor Noah on his new job as host of the The Daily Show.

Comedy Central announced yesterday that Noah would take over the position from Jon Stewart, causing an eruption on local Twitter which has not yet abated.

Koch says Noah’s new position will be a positive move with respect to how South Africans are perceived overseas. Who know, perhaps we’ll get to play the good guy in a Hollywood movie …

Read the article:

South African ventriloquist Conrad Koch said it was a huge breakthrough for a comedian from the African country to make it on the international stage.
“It portrays South Africans as forward thinking, intelligent, progressive and in touch with the world,” he said. “It shows how stand up is becoming more and more relevant.”

Koch’s puppet, Chester Missing, said he hoped the comedian would deliver one of the episodes in Xhosa, Noah’s home language.

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