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Archive for the ‘Mozambique’ Category

Don’t Miss the Launch of Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985 in Johannesburg

Invitation to the Launch of Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985

Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985Jacana and the David Krut Bookstore would like to invite you to join the launch of Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985 by Moira Forjaz.

Forjaz’s photographs feature striking episodes of colonial history, including the anti-apartheid struggle, the battle for Zimbabwe and the national reconstruction in Mozambique. But what makes this book truly remarkable is that it brings a personal note to historical episodes, adding humour and a human touch.

The event will take place at the David Krut Bookstore on Thursday, 10 December, at 5:30 for 6 PM.

See you there!

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Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985 – A Photographic Essay of Life-changing Historical Moments and Intimate Portraits

Joe Slovo

Moira ForjazJacana Media is proud to present Moira Forjaz: Mozambique 1975/1985 – a collection of forgotten photographs of Mozambique’s history:

Moira’s photographs feature striking episodes of colonial history, including the anti-apartheid struggle, the battle for Zimbabwe and the national reconstruction in Mozambique. But what makes this book truly remarkable is that it brings a personal note to historical episodes, adding humour and a human touch.

Of particular note are the series on Ilha de Moçambique, miners and cotton, and also the images of Samora Machel addressing a rally. There are touching photographs of Ruth First, Joe Slovo and Graça Machel.

“There is a photograph of Moira’s that I look at daily and sometimes even hourly. It hangs on the wall of my study opposite my desk. If I need to think, if I’m having trouble framing a word or a sentence or even trying to work out what I really want to say, I look up from my computer and I am drawn to that image.

It’s a photograph of Ruth First, smiling with the light in her hair: the last photograph ever taken of her. Even after all these years since my mother’s death, every time I look at the photo, I remember her as she could be then: full of light and full of life. How wonderful to know that this is how she was hours before they killed her.”Gillian Slovo

Many of the photographs in this book have been printed for the first time as they always existed as negatives, kept in a shoebox, forgotten, until now.

View a few of the images on Flickr:

Moira Forjaz


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Surging Chinese Trade in Africa Examined in China and Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists

China and MozambiqueNew from Jacana Media: China and Mozambique: From Comrades to Capitalists:

The wide range of reactions to greater Chinese involvement across Africa has varied from enthusiastic embrace by elites to caution from businesses, trade unions and civil society, and even hostility from some local communities. As a once-modest presence in Africa, China has rapidly grown to become one of Africa’s top trading partners. Two-way trade surged from just over US$10 billion in 2000 to US$220 billion in 2012.

China and Mozambique moves beyond the conventions of general surveys on China-Africa relations to explore real content and experiences of China’s relationship with Mozambique.

A fuller sense of bilateral relations is offered through the focus on this emblematic case; it drills down into the heart of a relationship whose growing depth and complexity exposes key themes that will affect Africa’s future development.

About the editors

Chris Alden holds a Professorship in International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He taught International Relations at the University of the Witwatersrand from 1990 to 2000 and established the East Asia Project in 1992. He has held fellowships at Cambridge University, Tokyo University and École Normale Supérieure. Alden is a research associate of the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) and the University of Pretoria. He has published widely on China-Africa relations, South African foreign policy, and post-conflict peace building in Africa.

Sérgio Chichava holds a PhD Political Science from Bordeaux University in African Politics and is currently a senior researcher at the Institute of Social and Economic Studies (IESE) in Mozambique, where he leads a new research programme on rising powers and development. Chichava has been lecturing in the Sociology of Politics and Mozambican Politics at Eduardo Mondlane University, Maputo and has held fellowships at Oxford University and the London School of Economics. His recent work focuses on the role of China and Brazil in Mozambique’s agriculture sector.

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Introducing Nadja Manghezi’s The Maputo Connection: ANC Life in the World of Frelimo

The Maputo Connection“Xenophobia has been growing for over a decade in South Africa, exploding in its most vicious form in recent years – and doing so against black foreigners in a country that is fighting racism. But worse, the victims are from neighbouring countries that, twenty years ago, gave up their own security, development and even lives to receive South Africans, victims of and fighters against apartheid. It angered me and provoked me to write this book.”

– Nadja Manghezi

The Maputo Connection is an intimate history of the relationship between the ANC and the peoples of Mozambique, a reflection on the personal sacrifices that accompanied their support of South African freedom fighters and a profound gesture of respect to the country that understood that without the liberation of South Africa there would be no liberation of southern Africa.

Based on interviews with more than forty people from the ANC community in Maputo in the 1970s and 1980s, the book is a vivid record of the period of the South African liberation struggle as experienced in Mozambique. It charts the shifts in the relationship between the South African and Mozambican liberation movements – the African National Congress (ANC) and Frelimo – through the direct testimonies of the people in Mozambique who either belonged to the ANC or where closely associated with the movement.

The authenticity of the interviews and the stories that emerge as a result build a three- dimensional picture of life as it was experienced, conveying what the events entailed and what they felt like for the people involved.

About the author

Nadja Manghezi lived in Mozambique in the early years of the country’s independence from Portugal. She and her husband Alpheus politically supported the new Mozambique, and participated in the exiled struggle of the ANC. She was part of the ANC Education Committee, and worked with the Women’s Section and the Cultural Group, while finding safe houses and cultivating links between potential hosts and underground activities.

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Spotted in Vehicles for Sale

One rattly Land Rover – girlfriend wants to talk in car!

Want to know more? Mail for a chance to win a copy of Karma Suture, also available at all good bookshops.


Karma SutureBook Details

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