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Archive for the ‘South Africa’ Category

Don’t Miss “Rhinos in Crisis”: A Talk by John Bassi at the Kirstenbosch Bookshop in Cape Town

Rhinos in Crisis

Pilot in the Wild: Flights of conservation and survivalJohn Bassi, author of Pilot in the Wild: Flights of conservation and survival, will being giving a talk about the current rhino crisis.

As a pilot who works in the bush, Bassi has witnessed poaching and taken part in the fight against it. He will share his experiences and his opinion about the current rhino crisis.

The talk will be at the National Botanical Society Bookshop at Kirstenbosch on Wednesday, 22 October at 4:30 for 5 PM

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Presenting The Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol IV

The Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol IVThe Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology Vol IV, with poems by various poets, will be published by Jacana this month:

This is the fourth annual Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Anthology, and is a compendium of the poems longlisted for the 2014 Sol Plaatje EU Poetry Award.

Every year South African poets, young and old, debut or previously published, are invited to submit up to three of their poetic efforts to the Award, in any of the country’s 11 official languages. The Anthology seeks to publish voices in as many different languages as possible, and be one of the spaces in which these tongues are given equal space and respect. The Anthology is a truly democratic as well as creative effort, in keeping with the spirit of the legendary intellectual giant, Sol Plaatje, the activist, linguist, translator, novelist, journalist and leader.

About the award

The jury comprises of three distinguished South African poets, who are each experts in their language field. Once a shortlist has been created, the presiding judge Dr Mongane Wally Serote decides on the winning poem, in consultation with his judging panel. The winner will be announced at Poetry Africa in October. Poetry Africa is the preeminent local poetry festival, held in Durban annually, and the shortlisted poets are also invited to the festival as guests.

The Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award is supported by the European Union.

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Excerpt from Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen: Pistorius and Samantha Taylor Plan a Trip to the Seychelles

Oscar: An Accident Waiting to HappenThe Daily News has published an excerpt from Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen by Melinda Ferguson and Patricia Taylor.

Oscar: An Accident Waiting to Happen is the story of Samantha Taylor’s tumultuous relationship with Oscar Pistorius from the perspective of her mother.

In the excerpt, Taylor speaks about her daughter’s attempts to keep Pistorius happy when were engaged in a plan to “rekindle their romance”. Taylor felt it was a farce from the outset.

Read the excerpt:

As part of their plan to rekindle their romance, Oscar invited Sammy to go to the Seychelles with him on a trip that would be filmed by the glamorous South African travel show, Top Billing.

Sammy was very excited. I think she was still really hoping that this time round things would be different. Before they left, Oscar e-mailed Peet, his manager, from my computer.

He obviously forgot about it and didn’t delete the correspondence from the system.

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Join Christa Kuljian for a Discussion on Her Forthcoming Book Rocking the Cradle at WiSER

Jacana Media and Witwatersrand University invite you to a lunchtime discussion of Christa Kuljian’s work-in-progress, Rocking the Cradle: A New Look at the Stories Behind the Search for Human Origins in South Africa’s Cradle of Humankind.

Kuljian is a Writing Fellow at WiSER and her book about the history of paleo-anthropology in South Africa is scheduled to be published by Jacana in April 2016.

The discussion will take place on Wednesday, 15 October, at 1 PM in the WiSER Seminar Room. Kuljian will provide an overview of her research and the structure of the book and welcomes any feedback and ideas.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 15 October 2014
  • Time: 1:00 PM
  • Venue: WiSER Seminar Room,
    6th Floor,
    Richard Ward Building,
    East Campus,
    Wits University | Map
  • RSVP:

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Madam and Eve are Back with Send in the Clowns, the Latest Hilarious Collection by Stephen Francis and Rico

Send in the Clowns Jacana presents Send in the Clowns, the latest Madam & Eve collection by Stephen Francis and Rico:

They’re back, and better than ever! This year sees the release of the twenty-second Madam & Eve, and it is another winner from this sharp and witty creative team.

Featuring the humour South Africans have come to know and love, this Madam & Eve promises to be a laugh a minute, and it is sure to be a family favourite and welcome addition to any bookshelf.

About the authors

Stephen Francis is the writing half of the Madam & Eve team. Born in the United States in 1949, Stephen moved to South Africa in 1988. In 1992, witnessing the interesting and often funny dynamic between his South African mother-in-law and her domestic housekeeper, he conceptualised the Madam & Eve strip. Stephen Francis is also an award-winning script writer, and radio and TV personality.

Rico forms the other half of the creative team – as illustrator. Born in Austria in 1966, he now lives and works in Johannesburg, and has been drawing cartoons ever since he was old enough to hold a pencil. Besides his work on Madam & Eve, Rico also produces illustrations for a wide range of other publications.

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Join the Percy FitzPatrick Institute for a Discussion Around Vernon RL Head’s The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World

The Rarest Bird in the World


The Search for the Rarest Bird in the WorldJacana Media, Protea Bookshop and the Percy FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology would like to invite you to a discussion of The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World by Vernon RL Head.

The discussion will be held in the Niven Library at the Institute on UCT’s Upper Campus, on Friday, 17 October at 5:30 for 6 PM.

See you there!

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Find Out How the ANC Might Adapt – or Die – in Remaking the ANC by Anthony Butler

Remaking the ANCNew from Jacana, Remaking the ANC: Party change in South Africa and the Global South, edited by Anthony Butler:

Although the ANC has been in power now for twenty years and looks set to continue in office for some time yet, its hold on power is neither permanent nor assured, and sometime in the future it is safe to say it will be voted out of office. This is the fate faced by all liberation movements that have won power at the ballot box. The Indian National Congress, which came to office after independence in 1947, is the prime example, but such loss of power has been experienced by other political parties in the Global South.

Being voted out of office is not the only fate awaiting political parties. Popular disaffection, loss of loyalty, splits and schisms, factionalism, all affect parties and in turn inspire them to change and adapt, meet the challenges or try to avert the loss of support. Yet we know little about how and why parties change in the Global South.

This book explores various dimensions of internal organisational reform by examining parties from around the South. Several chapters investigate the African National Congress (ANC) in South Africa, one of several ‘dominant parties’ that have begun to lose their shine. Other chapters look at the Chinese Communist Party; the Indian National Congress; the Workers’ Party (PT) in Brazil; UMNO in Malaysia; the Kuomintang (KMT) in Taiwan; and Mexico’s PRI.

The authors explore such issues as the uses and abuses of technology and social media; changes to candidate selection, membership, and policy deliberation processes; discipline and political education programmes; party-to-party learning; factional politics; and the effects of state power on party management.

For all those interested in knowing how the ANC might adapt – or die – as well as those with a special interest in political parties and party systems, this book provides the answers.

About the editor

Anthony Butler is Professor of Political Studies at the University of Cape Town. He has been a fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and director of the politics and administration programme at Birkbeck College, University of London. He is the author of Cyril Ramaphosa (Jacana and James Currey), and editor of Paying for Politics (Jacana, 2010) and writes a regular column for Business Day (Johannesburg).


1. Modernising mass parties: The challenge for the ANC. Anthony Butler (UCT)

2. Social democratic politics and policies in developing countries: The case of the Workers’ Party in Brazil. Fabiano Santos (UERJ Rio)

3. Information technology and the transformation of the Chinese Communist Party. Zheng Yongnian (National University of Singapore)

4. Factional management: From national liberation to governance in the ANC and INC. Thiven Reddy (UCT)

5. Persistent single party dominance: The case of UMNO in Malaysia. Terence Gomez (University of Malaya)

6. Back from the dead? Party organisation and electoral comeback in Mexico’s PRI. Ken Greene & Hector Ibarra (University of Texas)

7. Hard habit to break? The organisational learning of the Kuomintang in a democratic Taiwan. Alex Tan (Canterbury of University)

8. Party reform and civil service strengthening in South Africa: Deployment in the ANC. Vino Naidoo (UCT)

9. Party-to-party relations: The Chinese Communist Party & the ANC. Martyn Davies (Frontier Advisory)

10. Cooption as a mechanism of survival for the ANC. Zweli Jolobe (UCT)

11. Reforming the ANC. Joel Netshitenzhe (Mistra)

12. Electoral policy shifts in the ANC: Community participation, representivity, and local government elections. Dan Plaatjies (University of the Free State)

13. Towards a new ANC: Political incumbency and the ANC’s new wave of renewal and transformation. David Makhura (Gauteng ANC)

14. Renewing the vanguard: Transformation, mobilisation and nostalgia in the ANC. Heidi Brooks (Wits)

15. Conclusions: What future for the ANC? Anthony Butler (UCT)

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Join Joanne Lillie and Dominique Luck at the Launch of Surviving Flight 295 in Cape Town

Surviving Flight 295: Life After the Helderberg – the Memoir of Dominique LuckJacana Media and The Book Lounge would like to invite you to the launch of Surviving Flight 295: Life After the Helderberg – the Memoir of Dominique Luck by Joanne Lillie and Dominique Luck.

Luck lost her mother and younger sister in the Helderberg aeroplane crash in 1987. It was the worst South African air crash ever, and was shrouded with suspicions of political motives most foul. It is a national tragedy that has never been properly accounted for, and a personal tragedy that has defined Luck’s whole life.

The launch will be at The Book Lounge on Wednesday, 15 October and starts at 5:30 for 6 PM.

See you there!

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Book Details

  • Surviving Flight 295: Life After the Helderberg – the Memoir of Dominique Luck by Joanne Lillie, Dominique Luck
    EAN: 9781431409365
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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Join Vernon RL Head at the Launch of The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World in Cape Town

The Search for the Rarest Bird in the WorldJacana and The Book Lounge would like to invite you to the launch of The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World by Vernon RL Head.

The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World is a memoir about Head’s journey with three other men to spot a very rare bird in the hills of the Great Rift Valley.

The launch will be at The Book Lounge on Tuesday, 14 October at 5:30 for 6 PM.

See you there!

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Video: A Tribute to Gerard Sekoto, Pioneer of Contemporary South African Art

Shorty and Billy BoyGerard Sekoto was highly regarded as one of the father figures of contemporary art in South Africa. He lived in exile in France for nearly 45 years before passing away in 1993. His book Shorty and Billy Boy: A Tale of Two Naughty Dogs was published posthumously by Jacana, in conjunction with The Gerard Sekoto Foundation.

Lesley Spiro, author of Gerard Sekoto: Unsevered Ties, says: “Gerard Sekoto is undoubtedly one of the pioneers of modern South African art. However, partly because of his long exile and partly because of the Eurocentric orientations in South African art history, he has not received the recognition in this country that he deserves.”

SABC’s Morning Live recently paid tribute to Sekoto’s life, featuring his art work and an interview with one of the artists who lived and worked with him in La Maison Nationale de Artiste (National House of the Artist) near Paris.

Watch the video:

YouTube Preview Image

Read an article outlining Sekoto’s biography:

Gerard Sekoto was born at the Lutheran Mission Station of Botshabelo near Middelburg in the Eastern Transvaal on 9 December 1913. When he was five, his father, a teacher, was transferred to a mission school on a farm called ‘Wonderhoek‘.

The young Sekoto’s first love was music, and his father bought him a harmonium. He subsequently learned to read music and compose his own tunes. Although there were no drawings or paintings around him as a child, he started drawing on his brother’s slate, and later at school, with pencil on paper. He had no idea what ‘art’ was but drew people, buildings and animals.

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