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Archive for the ‘Travel’ Category

#SaveOurStories: Storied’s crowdfunding campaign is live!

Jacana Media presents Storied. The project aims to create a long-term impact of keeping African stories thriving and reaching worldwide audiences. Through your investment, Storied will raise the money to help publish more African fiction and poetry which will cater for a diverse reading community and audience scaling up sales margins which will be shared with investors.

As Jacana Media publisher, Bridget Impey, explains:

We came up with this idea of Storied, and Storied is going to be the mechanism for changing fiction publishing in this country; not just for us, but for writers, for other publishers, for everybody.

This is what started it all…


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Is camping purely for white people? Presenting Blacks Do Caravan by Fikile Hlatshwayo

Blacks Do CaravanJacana Media is proud to present Blacks Do Caravan by Fikile Hlatshwayo:

When her husband and children announced that they were planning a countrywide caravanning adventure, Fikile was adamant that “Blacks don’t caravan!” But faced with the prospect of staying behind on her own she put aside her preconceptions, put on her sunhat and started reading up on the way of the wild. What followed was an eye-opening, mind-changing trip of a lifetime. Fikile and her family visited over 60 caravan parks. They covered over 25,000 kilometres, traversed all nine provinces and extended their trip to the Kingdom of Swaziland.

I come from a culture where camping is purely for white people. Even if black people were to camp, they would not enjoy it because it is reminiscent of how many of us used to live; in fact, a lot of black people still live like that today – cooking on a fire, using communal toilets, with access to little or no technology – I thought there was no way I would agree to this camping expedition. I am, after all, a sophisticated and highly successful black woman, comfortable in my high heels and suits – I love my comfort! But, I had no choice – either I stayed miserable and depressed in my secure home, or I joined my family to enjoy the beauty of our country in the most affordable way. I gave in, but it did take a lot of convincing!

The trip began on 15 September 2014 and during the journey Fikile came to the realisation that South Africa is still a divided nation: ‘The idea that camping is for white people is so entrenched, and my question is, who maintains these standards? Over twenty years into democracy, boundaries still divide us and it is up to individuals to break down these stereotypes and barriers. We cannot rely solely on government to change everything and expect that we will all arrive in an all-inclusive ‘rainbow nation’ with equal wealth for every citizen. It is not going to happen until every citizen plays a role in contributing to the change we need, the change we want and the change we deserve as South Africans.’

About the author

Fikile Hlatshwayo was born in North West province, South Africa. She has a BCom (Honours) degree in Statistics (2001) from the University of Cape Town (UCT) and an MSc degree in Development Finance (2006) from the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB). This is her second book. Fikile published a book on export growth opportunities in Africa (2005). She is married to Mathieu with two children.

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Beautiful Holiday Homes Uncovered in Perfect Hideaways in South Africa by Paul Duncan and Helen Untiedt

Perfect Hideaways in South AfricaAfrica Press is proud to present Perfect Hideaways in South Africa by Paul Duncan and Helen Untiedt:

Just in time for Christmas, a new illustrated coffee table book answers a simple question: what makes the perfect holiday home in South Africa? Increasingly in South Africa, there’s a nostalgic longing for simple country living, a need to satisfy the urge to decamp from the city to a bolt hole somewhere remote from everyday life. From bush to beach, from city to wilderness, Perfect Hideaways in South Africa features a range of holiday homes that, by virtue of their unique locations, offer varieties of different experiences. They’re found on remote escarpments of the Western Cape hinterland, in the vineyard-filled valleys of the Boland and among the mountains of the Overberg. And whether or not they’re on the edge of small country towns in the Sandveld and the Swartland, each has been invested with the passions and personality of its owner.

Staying in any of them is an adventure and part of the joy of uncovering an interesting and unusual house is the discovery that there are like-minded people creating homes from home in often impossibly wild places. In perpetual quest for houses which are handsome or pretty, or have unusual, striking looks and unique features, or which stand in a spectacular setting, there’s list of attributes and amenities that make up the perfect holiday house. This book celebrates a long list of them, identifying precisely what it is that makes an ok holiday home “perfect”.

Perfect Hideaways in South Africa is a lavishly illustrated book of South African travel, interiors and lifestyle written by Paul Duncan and published for Perfect Hideaways by Africa Press, his new imprint bringing to the reader curated worlds with authentic, accessible and engaging southern African content whose significance is more than just a passing celebration of “local is best”.

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Join Marion Whitehead at Kalk Bay Books for Hints and Tips on How to Make the Most of Flower Season

Passes and Poorts South Africa: Getaway's Top Scenic Mountain RoutesKalk Bay Books and Jacana Media are delighted to invite you to a special evening with Marion Whitehead, author of Passes and Poorts South Africa: Getaway’s Top Scenic Mountain Routes, on Wednesday, 29 July.

Whitehead will be answering a frequently asked question: How to make the most of flower season? She will present a wonderful illustrated talk about planning your flower-spotting trip to see the spring wildflowers of Namaqualand and the West Coast. From the early bloomers of late July to the spectacular shows of September, Whitehead will share hints and tips from her many forays over the years.

The event starts at 6 for 6:30 PM. Booking is essential.

See you there!

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Vernon RL Head’s The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World Launched with Hamilton Wende in Joburg

Book Launch: Search for the Rarest Bird in the World

Book Launch: The Search for the Rarest Bird in the WorldThe Search for the Rarest Bird in the WorldFour years ago the chairperson of BirdLife South Africa, Vernon RL Head, embarked on a search for the rarest bird in the world and on Wednesday, 5 November 2014, he launched his epic tale of discovery and adventure at Love Books in Johannesburg. Head was in conversation with journalist and author of Arabella, the Moon and the Magic Mongongo Nut, Hamilton Wende. Wende said The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World reminds him of the best nature writing: “The prose is so evocative.”

“This wonderful adventure made me want to share this story. Putting it on paper made me think about why I watch birds – it structures my whole life,” Head said. This book is meant for people who don’t watch birds, people “on the edge of watching birds”. Head hopes his story will open up a wonderful world of inquiry for people who want to watch birds, but do not know why or where to begin.

The rarest bird ever first appeared in ornithological literature 20 odd years ago when an unknown wing was found squashed into the mud. It became the first bird to be named without ever having been seen. The place where the wing was found became a map for Head, an “X marks the spot”. “Maps take you on wonderful journeys to places physically and in the mind. Maps also get you lost.”

Head explained the importance of seeing and naming elements of nature: “Knowing the names of things unlocks their stories. That’s what bird watching is about for me.” Conservation is close to his heart and the act of giving something in nature a name allows people to identify and communicate what is it and why it is important to save it. “Part of bird watching is collecting names and having a list of what you’ve seen, how many birds you’ve seen and what your friends have seen.”

Our world is becoming smaller and smaller. When we watch birds we are reminded of the wilderness, Head said. Rare birds are relics from a pristine world, ambassadors of an unspoiled past. “We need these places to feel human.” Head referred to island eco-systems as “mini reflections of our world” that tell the “story of our world in miniature”. He said that the alarming number of bird species that become extinct every day reminds us that “time is running out, we need to walk gently and look”.

Wende described nature’s allure as being one part dangerous, one part exciting, with reference to Into the Wild by John Krakauer. Head said there have always been communities living on the edge of wilderness who serve as a buffer between cities and the pristine. “Taking from nature is not the answer. Learning from nature is the answer.”

“What is it to watch, to really see?” Head described himself as a visual person and explained what exactly happens when you watch birds. First you just look at birds, then you see what they do and eventually all the other things will start to unravel – weather patterns, frogs, and much more. One thing is clear to the author – “connecting with nature enriches your life”.

During the question and answer session the audience was very interested in Head’s journey. Like an Indiana Jones of bird watching Head battled the elements to reach his goal – from conflict over grazing lands to fluctuating water levels, more often than not he relied on his instincts or “winged it”. He could not have done it alone, he said. The Search for the Rarest Bird in the World is also a tale about friendship, an integral part of bird watching. One audience member asked whether Head had encountered a local memory of this bird. “We often ask the locals,” he said. “There was no local understanding of this bird.” So did they find the rarest bird in the world? Well… read the book and find out.

* * * * * * * *

Annetjie van Wynegaard (@Annetjievw) tweeted from the launch using #livebooks:


* * * * *

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Join Passes and Poorts South Africa Author Marion Whitehead at The Athenaeum in Cape Town

Passes and Poorts South Africa: Getaway's Top Scenic Mountain RoutesThe Cape Natural History Club and Jacana Media would like to invite you to a talk by Marion Whitehead.

Marion Whitehead, the author of Passes and Poorts South Africa: Getaway’s Top Scenic Mountain Routes, will be delivering a lecture at Athenaeum in Newlands on Friday 3 October at 8 PM.

Entrance costs R20 for visitors; there is no charge for members of The Cape Natural History Club. Copies of her book will be on sale – please bring cash as there will not be credit card facilities.

Don’t miss it!

Event Details

  • Date: Friday, 3 October 2014
  • Time: 8 PM
  • Venue: The Athenaeum
    Boundary Terraces
    1 Mariendahl Lane
    Newlands | Map
  • Cover charge: R20, free for Cape Natural History Club Members
  • RSVP: Sheila, 021 782 1620

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Daphna Horowitz Launches Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro

Daphna Horowitz

The Courage to LeadThe beautiful hall at Villa Arcadia on the Parktown ridge, once the Jewish Orphanage and now owned by the Hollard Group, was well filled for the recent launch of Daphna Horowitz’s debut, The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro.

Former actuary, leadership coach and public speaker Horowitz was inspired by a client’s ambition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. Although she admits she is not the sporty type, although she does try to keep in shape, Horowitz says she loves a challenge and decided that she would climb Kilimanjaro herself. The climb was challenging and difficult, but day by day she was struck by how the metaphors and symbolism the climb revealed resonated with real life, and on her return home she needed to stop, reflect on and derive meaning from her experience. Horowitz never planned on writing a book, but she kept a blog during her climb, which was the genesis for the project.

Horowitz began her launch with a slide show of the Kilimanjaro journey, which conveyed the feeling of camaraderie among the climbers and of course the wonderful views as they neared the summit, including an incredible photograph taken from high above the clouds.

The key message of Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro is that everyone is a leader, and that leadership can be made practical and simple – and that it can be learnt. We all know of great leaders we can learn from. Horowitz’s message of leadership does not only relate to business; there are four parts to this book: Doing, Being, Relating and Meaning. Each part tells a short story, followed by a leadership lesson with questions and exercises. The book challenges readers to take the lead in their own lives and to get to a level of fulfillment rather than just going with the flow. “Be conscious of the choices you make,” Horowitz says.

Horowitz shared an extract from her final, and favourite chapter, Meaning, which outlines her thoughts and reflections on her return from the Kilimanjaro. She mentioned that her book does not have to be read from beginning to end but can be read in any order, depending on the reader’s sphere of interest.

To achieve anything in life, one needs good preparation, the correct tools, the right people and faith. Good leaders also need courage, vulnerability and soul. Horowitz challenged the audience to find their Kilimanjaro and find out how to derive meaning from it. She described her biggest personal lesson as the “lesson of being slow”. Kilimanjaro contained so much peace, solitude and connectedness that she wanted to try and keep hold of those feelings when the climb was over. Horowitz says she only managed to hold onto the feelings for about a month, even driving well below the speed limit on Joburg’s busy roads, before the fast pace of life in the city claimed her back. Since returning , this driven woman has written a book and completed her master’s degree. As the first Mount Everest climber Edmund Hillary said, “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

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Join Daphna Horowitz for the Launch of The Courage to Lead at the RCHCC, Houghton

The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from KilimanjaroJacana Media and The Rabbi Cyril Harris are pleased to invite you to the launch of The Courage to Lead by Daphna Horowitz.

The event will take place at the Clive M Beck Auditorium at The Rabbi Cyril Harris Community Centre in Houghton at 6:30 PM. Author Daphna Horowitz will speak about the book, and a bit about her trek to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, drawing parallels between the climb and leadership.

Don’t miss it!

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Launch of The Courage to Lead by Daphna Horowitz at Hollard, Johannesburg

The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from KilimanjaroJacana Media invites you to the launch of Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro by Daphna Horowitz.

Do you find that leadership is an abstract concept, difficult to define and grasp? Or do you think it is a collection of simple, practical steps that can be applied with relative ease?

Daphna Horowitz will answer your questions and tell you more about her life-transforming journey climbing Kilimanjaro. With every step she took, she was drawn to the parallels between the climb and leadership. The summit is a metaphor for the vision every leader needs to hold, the mountain a metaphor for the largest obstacles standing in a leader’s way.

The launch will take place on 20 August at the Great Hall, Hollard Villa in Johannesburg. See you there.

Event Details

  • Date: Wednesday, 20 August 2014
  • Time: 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Great Hall,
    Hollard Villa,
    22 Oxford Road,
    Parktown | Map
  • RSVP:, 011 628 3250

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Daphna Horowitz Offers Tips and Advice in The Courage to Lead: Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro

The Courage to LeadJacana Media presents The Courage to Lead – Leadership Lessons from Kilimanjaro by Daphna Horowitz:

Leaders need to possess certain qualities, and Daphna identified those qualities during her ascent to the summit of Kilimanjaro. “Climbing Kilimanjaro was a life-transforming journey for me. In every step I took, I was drawn to the parallels between the climb and leadership. The summit is a metaphor for the vision every leader needs to hold, the mountain a metaphor for the largest obstacles standing in a leader’s way.”

Written in a fun and practical way, this book will help leaders identify their personal mission (the climb) and relate that to their work performance and leadership skills.

About the author

Daphna Horowitz works with leaders to help them identify their personal mission and relate that to their work performance. She is the founder of PEAC Solutions, an innovative and dynamic company that provides a variety of coaching solutions for maximum leadership impact. These include one-on-one personal and executive coaching, team coaching, workshops, facilitation and motivational speaking.

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